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[Japanese Ceramic Artist – Takaaki Yoshida Ceramic Show (Jun 1-7) in Gallery Credence]

Takashi Yoshida is a ceramic artist from Fukuoka Prefecture. After studying at the Arita College of Ceramics, he began creating his own works in 2007. Influenced by traditional early Imari ceramics, Yoshida's works mainly consist of blue and white porcelain with patterns created using the sometsuke technique. His style is gentle and simple, yet also showcases his unique artistic flair.

Yoshida's works not only inherit the historical essence of traditional ceramics, but also emphasize their practicality in modern life. When using Yoshida's works, one can feel as if they are using an ancient piece of art, transcending time and space.

Yoshida himself completes every step of the ceramic-making process, including clay preparation, wheel throwing, painting, and firing. His dedication to his craft is evident in every piece he creates.

The show will be held in Gallery Credence. Details are as follows:



地點:Gallery Credence (旺角彌敦道581號2樓全層)

Date: Jul 1-7, 2023

Time: 1-7pm

Venue: Gallery Credence (2/F, 581 Nathan Road, Mongkok)

Cooperation: Utsuwa Sholen KAMAKURA


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